Our last day at the center

imageimageimageimageimageimageOur last day at the center

Today was our last day to love on our Guatemalan babies. At the malnutrition center, everything went smoothly as we played games, sang songs, and ate hotdogs to celebrate the 4th of July. A group of us went to a nursing home and did crafts and music with people there. We shed tears of sadness and tears of joy, but we made it and can’t wait to get home and see our families! Again, thank you for you prayers and love, we couldn’t have done this without you!

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Here is a little about what we do everyday. In the morning we start the day with breakfast and devotion time at the hotel then we drive an hour on the bus to get to the center where 99 little babies and toddlers live. New babies arrive every day and are sent there to live because they are severely malnourished. Their shortest stay is 8 months some have been there 3 years.
We arrive and help the nannies bathe and clothe the children then we play with them and do activities with them. We help feed them and change them and feed them some more etc. in the afternoon we work on much needed work around the center. the guys have been helping the centers 2 maintenance men build a chicken coop and pavilion for the families to spend time with their children when they come to visit. We leave the center at 4:30 every day and drive back to the hotel and get ready for dinner and then devotion time. After that is hang out time and bed!

Day 2: what a success

This was a great second day of serving at the malnutrition center! The Ducks and Squirrels were ready to play, the Chicks and Bunnies had fun with their toys, and the Canaries were happy to see us! Everything went smoothly and during “Project” time we were able to paint much of the center and organize donations. We also had a new addition to the Canaries, Carlos! Today was wonderful and we are so blessed by the love that these children show us! Thank you for your prayers!

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A wonderful way to begin the week!

This week we have been blessed with teams from all over the US. Yesterday was our free day and we were given the choice to either zip line across a canyon, tour a coffee plantation or visit a chocolate museum. After eating lunch we experienced the market and then returned to the hotel to end the day with dinner and group worship.
when we arrived at the malnutrition center this morning we broke up into our assigned groups and were given a tour of the facilities by the interns. After the tour we met our kids and began the days activities. The children are grouped by cute animal names which include: Canaries (bed babies), Bunnies & Chicks (youngest toddlers), Ducks & Squirrels (3-6yrs). We had playtime, snack time, Bible story and lots of songs. At 12:30 it was time for lunch and we got to eat too! After lunch…Naptime. While the children were asleep we did projects around the center for instance cleaning windows, folding laundry, sorting through donations. Also a team did a devotion with the sweet nannies that care for the children. The afternoon ended with lots of games and giggles. Before we knew it, our day there had come to an end. We left the center and remembered we needed to take our group picture so we stopped at a breathtaking view of the whole city with the volcano “Aqua” in the background. We are now going to end the day with food and fellowship. We can’t wait to see those precious children again tomorrow.The Team image image image imageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

“And we know that in all things God

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

What an incredible day we’ve had! Some of us zip lined across a coffee field, some ate lots of chocolate, and we all got to explore the wonderful city of Antigua! Our God is so majestic and mighty. We are thankful that he has kept us safe and we cannot wait to go to the malnutrition center tomorrow! Thank you Jesus for your protection!